YUMI UEFI is a multiboot USB maker tool that utilizes GRUB2 for both BIOS and UEFI booting. It is important to note that the UEFI version is not backwards compatible with YUMI legacy. In addition, your drive must be Fat32 formatted to support booting in UEFI mode. This multibooting bootable USB maker software does include the fat32format utility to help you format drives larger than 32GB as Fat32.

YUMI UEFI (Bootable USB Maker)


YUMI UEFI can be used to create multiboot USB drives that are compatible with systems running UEFI firmware. This is important because UEFI-based systems require a different type of boot process and partitioning scheme than legacy BIOS systems. YUMI UEFI would ensure that the USB drive you create is configured to boot on UEFI-based computers.

Drag and Drop ISO Support?

The “Try Unlisted ISOs” option supports the ability to drag and drop ISO files to try to boot into the /multiboot/ISOS folder. They will be autodetected and their entries automatically appended to the Boot Menu.

Try Unlisted ISO Drag-N-Drop
BACKUP DATA: Backup your content from ALL partitions on your select device before using the “Wipe and fat32 format” option. The entire disk will be wiped clean! Diskpart is used to wipe the select drive clean and then create a single partition using the same drive letter. Fat32format is used to format the large partition as fat32.
SECURE BOOTING: If it is enabled, disable secure boot from your computers BIOS/UEFI system firmware menu, before booting.

YUMI UEFI Download and Changelog:

03 Jul 2022 YUMI-UEFI- Detect if running natively or from WINE.
YUMI UEFI SHA-256: f2f5d2b4f86fd281b2b9a730d883c7bb5dbc7aef98bb46db8956ffc0ff33c013

WARNING: I recommend not using this variant! This tool is archived and not being updated. It doesn’t support ISO files larger than 4GB, and may have bugs that could prevent it from working as anticipated. Please use YUMI exFAT , instead.

YUMI UEFI USB Bootable ISO files

Here are some example Bootable Live Linux Distros, Portable Operating Systems, Windows Installers, and tools that you can install and boot from USB.

Category ISO Distribution/Tool
Popular Linux Distributions
  • Debian Live
  • Fedora
  • Linux Mint (with persistence)
  • OpenSUSE
  • Puppy Linux
  • Ubuntu (with persistence)
Other Distros Alphabetical
  • Android-x86
  • Antergos
  • AntiX
  • Archlinux
  • Bodhi
  • Bunsenlabs/Crunchbang
  • CAELinux (Computer Aided Engineering)
  • CentOS Live
  • ChaletOS
  • Clear Linux
  • Damn Small Linux (DSL)
  • Fuduntu
  • gpxe (Net Bootable Distros)
  • KXStudio
  • Mandriva
  • Netrunner
  • OSGeo Live
  • PCLinuxOS
  • Peppermint
  • Peach OSI Linux
  • Pear Linux
  • Pinguy OS
  • Porteus
  • PureOS
  • SalineOS
  • Scientific Linux CERN
  • Semplice Linux
  • SLAX (Tiny Slackware Based Distro)
  • Slitaz (Another Tiny Distro)
  • Sparky Linux
  • SolydX
  • Sugar on a Stick
  • System Rescue CD
  • Tails (Anonymous Browsing)
  • Liberte (Anonymous Browsing)
  • Terralinux
  • TinyCore (A Tiny Linux Distribution)
  • Ultimate Edition 3
  • XBMCbuntu
  • Zorin OS Core
NetBook DistributionsBootable Virtual Machines ProxMox (Virtual Machine Environment) VME
Antivirus Tools
  • Acronis Antimalware CD
  • AOSS (Malware Scanner) system\stage1
  • AVG Rescue CD (Antivirus Scanner)
  • AVIRA AntiVir Rescue CD (Virus Scanner)
  • Bitdefender Rescue Disk (Antivirus Scanner)
  • Comodo Rescue Disk (Antivirus Scanner)
  • Dr.Web Live CD ; does install to root
  • F-Secure Rescue CD
  • GDATA Rescue CD
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk (Antivirus Scanner)
  • Panda SafeCD
  • Windows Defender Offline
USB System Tools
  • Acronis True Image
  • BackBox (Penetration Testing)
  • BackTrack5 (Penetration Testing)
  • Boot Repair Disk
  • Clonezilla (Backup + Clone Tool) – with Persistence
  • DBAN (Hard Drive Nuker)
  • Deft (Forensics)
  • DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux)
  • EASEUS Disk Copy (Disk Cloning Tool)
  • FreeDOS (Balder img)
  • GParted (Partition Tools)
  • GRML (system rescue)
  • HDT (Hardware Detection Tool)
  • Kali (Penetration Testing) – with Persistence
  • Memtest86+ (Memory Testing Tool)
  • Matriux (Penetration Testing)
  • Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
  • Ophcrack (Password Finder)
  • Parted Magic (Partition Tools)
  • PING (Partimg Is Not Ghost)
  • Partition Wizard (Partition Tools)
  • Rescatux
  • Redo Backup And Recovery (Recovery Tools)
  • Rip Linux (Recovery Distro)
  • Trinity Rescue Kit
  • Ultimate Boot CD (Diagnostics Tools)
  • Web Converger (Web Kiosk)
  • WifiSlax
Bootable USB Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and Other OS/Tools
  • Linux Live Tools for OCZ
  • Linux CNC
  • Hiren’s Boot CD
  • Falcon 4 Boot CD
  • Hiren’s Boot PE
  • Sergei strelec WinPE
  • Other WinPE
  • Kon-Boot Floppy Image
  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Installer. (YUMI can be used in place of Microsoft’s “Create Media Tool” for Windows 11, 10)
  • Windows XP Installer
  • Windows To Go
  • Boot and Run Windows 11 from VHD on USB
  • Phoenix LiteOS – Put Windows 10 or 11 on USB